Thursday, October 9, 2014

Saving of Children's Lives from Drowning in Bangladesh

Article: Saving of Children’s Lives from Drowning Project in Bangladesh
Authors: Hyder, AA et al
Journal: American Journal of Preventative Medicine, 2014 (Article in press)

The Johns Hopkins International Injury Research Unit and the Bloomberg Philanthropies have awarded a large grant to the International Center for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh and the Center for Injury Prevention and Research Bangladesh (CIPRB) to fund the Saving of Children’s Lives from Drowning Project in Bangladesh.  (More info here)

This article discusses the planned interventions for the project, which include providing playpens (seen above), access to a daycare, or both to around 80,0000 children.  The project will then compare pre and post-intervention community awareness and death rates.

Over the past decade, a larger focus has been placed on developing countries for drowning prevention  interventions.  We have seen a lot of impressive work from CIPRB in the past, including projects run by our friend Tom Mecrow, and I am excited to see the outcome of this project.  It represents a unique approach to large-scale drowning prevention, bypassing the usual interventions of swimming and water safety training.  These interventions are ideal but are a large resource and logistics burden, and restricted by the age of the children involved.  Hopefully success with this project will provide a proven means for improving the burden of drowning on a country-wide scale.

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