Friday, September 27, 2013

Drowning resuscitation requires another state of mind

Drowning Resuscitation Requires Another State of Mind
Author: Joost Bierens, MD, PhD
Journal: Resuscitation, September 2013

Every nook and cranny of medicine has its "go to" guy/girl; for drowning resuscitation, it's Joost Bierens.  He, along with Dr. David Warner (Duke Anesthesiology) produced this Editorial in response to the previous article I reported on  by Nitta et al.  It brings up some intricacies in the data I missed while reading it myself and re-emphasizes the focus on ventilatory support in the resuscitation of a drowning victim.  The authors tease out some important details about the data, provide their thoughts for why the data showed what it did, and provide recommendations for future research.

Bierns JJ, Warner DS. Drowning resuscitation requires another state of mind.  Resuscitation. 2013 Sep 12.


  1. YES!!!!! This information need to be pushed down to all EMS and lifeguard agencies as well as lay responder CPR classes. I know of several drowning cases where rescuers were told they were doing CPR wrong because the included ventilations.
    Push this out far and wide!! Drowning is a respiratory emergency!!! NOT a cadiac emergency!
    Thank you!!

  2. Rest assured, Bob, that Dr Justin Sempsrott and I are doing our part in educating EMS and lifeguards. Together we have done over 50 lectures covering this, including the EMS World Expo in Las Vegas last month. Can't overlook the basics!

  3. Great job Andrew. Bob, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the drowning resuscitation lecture next weekend. I'm looking forward to your feedback and comments.

  4. Joost in one of the most outstanding person regarding Drowning Prevention, we all should pay attention to his advices. I am lucky to get in touch with Dr Bierens since 2004 for the first edition of the "Handbook of Drowning" our "bible".
    Lack of reliable data are one of the most important issues that have to be solved if we want to improve our knowledge to sharpen our tools against dwroning, and Joost have claimed for years about that. Most of have been already don is on the medical part, but there is a lot to do in the earlier stages. We have to commit to improve it. Well done Joost.