Monday, October 1, 2012

Drowning in manure: adding insult to injury

Here is an interesting case report from Turkey published in the September issue of Pediatric Emergency Care.  It highlights the use of surfactant therapy, which has been used and studied for drowning victims for at least 2 decades, in the unusual case of a child who drowned in a pit of manure. The patient was doing fairly poorly during his ICU stay until surfactant therapy was initiated.  Obviously it is hard to tell if this therapy was the cause of improvement or just a coincidental treatment, but it definitely supports keeping this treatment in your arsenal for refractory cases.  More in depth review of surfactant therapy at a later date.

Surfactant Replacement Therapy in a Pediatric Near-Drowning Case in Manure (Ugras et al; Pediatric Emergency Care, 2012).