Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recent Updates

If you are fairly familiar and up-to-date with the latest in drowning resuscitation, pre-hospital, and inpatient treatment, bear with us as we present the following review articles from the pat 3 years which provide a good summary of how to approach the drowning victim in the pre-hospital and Emergency Department setting.

Drowning (Szpilman D, Bierens J, Handley A, Orlowski J; NEJM, 2012)

  • We were very excited to see the latest updates in our field highlighted in The New England Journal of Medicine, especially with the first and second authors being two individuals who have done so much to advance the drowning research community, Drs David Szpilman and Joost Bierens.  One of the most powerful aspects of this article is the inclusion of a classification algorithm for the drowning victim based on the expansive data collection done by Dr Szpilman in Brazil.  During a recent lecture to EMS professionals, I found this algorithm very helpful to help put in perspective how different clinical signs can correlate with outcome.
  • We will "toot our own horn" by posting this one, but this is a review our organization did this year in collaboration with The University of Nevada School of Medicine Emergency Medicine Department.  It's content was primarily aimed at the pre-hospital professional with a large emphasis on the importance of oxygenation in combating the effects of cerebral hypoxia on outcome.  

Since we have now provided a solid foundation, from here on out we will do our best to provide quality literature focusing in on the aspects of epidemiology, treatment, and outcomes.